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MMS2 vs Pneumonia  [Posted : 03-24-2014]

I have just overcome the strongest(by far) chest infection i have ever experienced. As a constant heavy smoker since age of 15, i am now 38, i have experienced bronchitis at least once every 3 years which i would normally take AB'S for or even stuck it out with no medical help. This Friday i came down once again with a chest infection, almost instantly this illness seemed far more powerful than any other i had previously experienced. So started to research online just what it was i had. I never went to doctor as i had hope in my own immune system and knew if i needed i could try MMS1 or MMS2. After extensive research i diagnosed myself with 'Pneumonia'. I started off with 4 MMS2 capsules aday it definitely took the edge off my infection. By day i was still clearly unwell so i changed to 8 MMS2 aday. I now feel upto 50% better. Pneumonia can last weeks with some people while AB'S or vaccinations not even working. I hope to be 100% within 5 /6 days of the MMS2. Many thanks to Jim for sharing his knowledge with us for a very fair price, forget about antibiotics give MMS ago. Once again unable to thank Jim Humble enough, trust this man. J.ludlow
James Ludlow

heart valve [Posted : 03-20-2014]

I have had mitral valve prolapse since I was born.  I had surgery 10 years ago and it was improved 90%, but there was still a little hesitation in the valve.

A year ago I attended the Puerto Vallarta MMS class.  The first day we started drinking MMS1,  I noticed a fluttering of my heart, I was a bit concerned, not alarmed.  Andreas Klacker said that the MMS had found the imperfection and was repairing the situation, the fluttering would stop, not to worry.  It did stop fluttering, i continued to drink the MMS daily for a week and then I took one MMS2 capsule once or twice a week since then (a year).

Well...today I went in for an ultrasound of my heart and the nurse told me I don't have a proplapse anymore.  She had no explaination, I watched the imaging and I also could see that the valve just opens and closes nicely, no hesitation at all.

My gosh, I wonder if I would have had to have heart surgery years ago if I had found MMS!


Aspen, Colorado


liver cyst [Posted : 03-20-2014]

I was diagnosed with a cyst in my liver when I was getting a ultrasound for my heart.  He told me not to worry about it, "death rate from liver cysts is non-existant".  However, my insurance premiums doubled, so I had it drained at the hospital, and the next day it regrew.  That was about 40 years ago, since then i get a ultrasound every year, and the size of the cyst grows.  A year ago it was 5 inches across, it appeared on the image as a large black hole.  This cyst caused me pain about once a week, a sharp pain like someone stabbed me with a knife.

I've been taking MMS for a year now, at first I took MMS1 everyday for a week, then I took one MMS2 capsule once or twice a week.  I wasn't taking it for the cyst, just for maintenance.  But I noticed that my cyst quit hurting me,  it has hurt me twice in the year I've been taking MMS, so I was anxious to get the ultrasound.

The nurse told me it is going away, she pointed to the cyst, and now it appears as a cloud, not a black hole, filled with swirls of white, and it is less than half the size it was.  She said "at this rate - it will be totally gone by next year"

Words cannot say enough thanks, as I have many more experiences to report.


killing colds [Posted : 03-05-2014]

I've killed a cold three times now, once taking MMS1, one 3 drop dosage, two hours later no signs of the cold.

One time I let the cold take me, I had the worst snotty nose, headache, etc.  Then I took one MMS2 capsule and I felt so much better....then 2 hours later I took another capsule,  cold completely gone, no more snot, I simply couldn't believe I had had a cold.    I really feel the first capsule would have cured me, but I had been so sick.

I also had a sore throat, which is how most of my colds start, I took one MMS2 capsule and it was gone.

I am totally convinced this stuff works on all viruses


Guardia [Posted : 03-05-2014]

I've had guardia about 6 times, always away from home.  You know it's guardia  because of the horrible smell of your gas and the light colored frothy loose stools.  It's caused from drinking or eatting something that has feces in it.

Well, one MMS2 capsule and it was gone.

Doctors give you metronazole and you must take it for a week.


LIL Scot's healing [Posted : 02-19-2014]

It's time to tell of the wonders of MMS and my "LIL Scot" (18 mo. old male Scottish Terrier)

         Soon after we started taking MMS, "LIL Scot, became very ill.  All together he had seen 3 different vets, he had all the tests they could think of to do to him (including a $200.00 blood test to rule out tick fever), 3 sets of x-rays, even a sonogram for his stomach area and heart.  Then they sent everything anyone had ever learned about him to an Internal Medical Specialist Analyst to analyze it all.

       After all that, all they could tell me was that he might have this or that or maybe this, but it would involve more testing.  No one could tell me how to rid him of his high temps - they had been up to 104 and it was easy to tell he was very ill. .  He wouldn't hardly eat anything.  To get him to eat anything, I had to hand feed him.  He would then eat eggs, oatmeal, and I had to hand feed him bread dipped in the oatmeal, just to get something in his stomach.  He was on 3 different antibiotics (one so strong, I was told it would tear up his stomach without food),  his high temps were still there.

      On Jan. 7, 2014, I started him on MMS & DMSO, at 1/2 drop (15 ML) hourly for 4 days: 6-8 daily doses.  He improved, but then started getting bad again.  So on Day 5, I decreased his dosage to 3 ML and took away the DMSO and gave it to him every hour for 8 hrs.  I also started putting 25 unactivated MMS drops in a 1/2 gal of water in a closed container, and I change it daily.  Both of my dogs get it that way.  I use distilled water for the internal dosing and reverse osmosis in his drinking water.

      After changing his dose, he slowly started getting better, each day some improvement.  On Day 7, his temps started going down, sparkle in his eyes returned, appetite returning and that wonderful tag wag and bounce in his walk is back.  On day 11, he was anxious to eat, running, playing, on and on.  Today Feb 19, 2014 (day 40) Scot is doing great!  His temps have been normal (under 102 for 21 days).  His appetite is great, runs, plays with my female. Praise God, my old LIL Scot is back!   The only thing he still has left is a slight nasal noise - used to be very loud.  I am still dosing him every day (sometimes I skip a day) and only 3 ML for  2 to 4 hourly doses.  Both of my dogs will always have MMS in their drinking water.   I also plan on giving him a 2 or 3ML dose till the slight nasal noise is gone.  "God and MMS have healed my "LIL Scot"!

        I am so grateful to all the ones on the forum that have supported me and helped me in the dosing of "LIL Scot".  It's so wonderful to know that there are so many people who I have never met, scattered all over the world that care.  Thank you Jim Humble and all my forum friends.  What would the world be without you and MMS!

        I am truly blessed!


Blessed1 - Glenda L.

Deodorant [Posted : 02-18-2014]

I had been looking for a deodorant without an antiperspirant that actually worked for a few years. After showering if I scratched my under arm there was still odor there unless I spent a very long time scrubbing. The regular deodorants just put a coating on the skin to block the bacteria and keep it deep in the skin. Using MMS simply kills the bacteria. Underarm sweat may have a very light manly smell but it does NOT smell like the BO that grows there when using commercial deodorants.

Sinus infection [Posted : 02-18-2014]

I have had a sinus condition for years. My sinuses were always blocked up, particularly in the morning. I also got blood in the tissues fairly often when I blew my nose to relieve the blockages. Initially I was taking MMS because I was always hungry and because of that over weight. This was just a just a shot in the dark after reading other peoples success stories. The results of my taking MMS was that my consistent hunger went away and to my surprise the sinus condition also went away. I have had the sinus condition for so long that it seemed normal. In hindsight I believe both were caused by candida.

Miss [Posted : 01-05-2014]

I am a Registered Nurse who contracted Hepatitis C from three units of blood given to me during surgery in 1986. I was diagnosed in 1996 and started getting physically sick in 2008-2009. My labs were getting worse. I was iron anemic, my platelet count was 150,000 which is the bottom of the scale, my MVC was at the bottom of the scale, IGg was off the scale, total protein was just over the scale, liver enzymes just over the scale, PCR went to 30,000,000. I was suffering from severe fatigue and at times could not get out of bed. I had to take freqent rest breaks when getting showered and dressed. I tried a preparation a Russian researcher had without success. I have refused Interferon or any conventional medicine. In January of 2013 I got serious with MMS. As of this date, January 5, 2014 all labs are within normal limits. The iron is not perfect, but I am not iron anemic. Liver enzymes, platelets, MCV, are perfect. PCR is 17,000,000. IGg still high. Feeling much, much better. No fatigue!!! If anyone wants to talk, write me.


MMS 2???? [Posted : 01-04-2014]

I see very little on MMS 2, why is that? Jim once told me the MMS 2 is just as effective as the MMS 1 and yet there's not much information available on MMS 2.

I have used Calcium Hypochlorite internally to help cure Diabetes 3 times as far as I know, heal Cancer, for general detoxification while raising ones immune system, kill Parasites and I have been having great success using it externally to close large Ulcers, heal Acne (it literally reforms the skin and closes the holes created by Acne), kill stubborn Fungus and I swear by it!



No More Herpes  [Posted : 01-03-2014]

I suffered from herpes all my life, with help from the www.undergroundcure.com (6 week protocol) I was able to cure my herpes with an Alkaline Diet and Ji Humble's Herpes Prortocol it better if you do a liver cleanse before starting on MMS and a colon cleanse after the MMS protocol. I went all the way to 7 drops 4 times a day for almost a month, ofcourse you should start with a low dosage ( 1 or 2 drops) for the first 5 days the work your way up. I got rid of my herpes and eczema ( and probably many other things) Oxygen therapy ! cures all anearobic virus ! I want to thank Jim Humble and Jesus Christ my lord a savior for curing me through MMS.


Dipl. Ing Mrs [Posted : 12-10-2013]

In our company almost everybody knows about the miracle of taking MMS/CDL when someone is feeling like getting a cold or a flu. The person who feels not well starts up with 20 drops CDL ( about 5 drops MMS) and he/she is fine the next day. The one who comes with a flu takes 20 drops CDL ( about 5 drops MMS) and is recovered the next day. This shows that MMS/CDL is best to have at work ,though everybody can get access to it when needed even for common little diseases like flu or cold. Even with wrong food and food poisoning its a miracle. We took 20 drops CDL and it was gone after 30 Minutes. CDL is the activated form of MMS. When you live in a country with easy fridge storage of the CDL you can order the CDL instead of the MMS. Make sure you order in a violett glass bottle. Just very hot areas in the world I would recommend the MMS and when you have real serious diseases to cure.
Coco Tan

commn cold gone after one iv chlorine dioxide  [Posted : 12-07-2013]

i am apharmacist but i am iteresting with alternative medicine i prepare the chlorine dioxide by mixing 1ml of sodium chlorite and 1ml of 50% citric acid in 50 ml glucose 5% then i mix that to abottle of 500cc of glucose 5% and give this to my wife iv where she was very very sick due to cold and flu to my surprise next day all symptoms were gone i said may be achance so i repeat the same procedure with 2 other patients and i have the same results and i swear on this 

dr mostafa shaaban

missing activator [Posted : 12-06-2013]

for John, try adding your MMS directly to sprite, 7-up, or fresca, (not coke or pepsi), then wait 1 hour, the MMS will become active.... if you mix it in the bottle of soda, it will become stronger through out the day... but that should work for you, you can likely find a sprite or 7 up where you are at....

Question [Posted : 12-05-2013]

A statement, question, and brief testimonial. I learned yesterday that my ex-girlfriend of about six months ago has AIDS. I'm in a third world country and English is poor, so not sure if it's full-blown AIDS or HIV positive. My results will be coming in later today I hope. My question is, I have the MMS bottle, but the bottle of citric acid activator broke in my travels and is gone. Is there a substitute for it? I assume lemon juice might work but dread the thought of the taste. What would anyone recommend as a suitable activator? I'll be in travel mode soon and there would not be time to buy it and expect delivery here before I leave. Testimonial: I used MMS with the remainder of the activator to purify tap water when bottled water was unavailable. No ill effects so I assume the MMS killed any bacteria or possible parasites in the tap water. (Yes, I'm in a very 3rd world country.) Got the results -- HIV negative!! We had unprotected sex when we met up about 2 1/2 months ago and I realize that it can take up to six months for the antibodies to be detectable, so I'll take another test at that point. Thank you very much!

Joshua Jenkins [Posted : 11-28-2013]

I have had multiple health problems and they are all finally clearing up due to the MMS. I had a 27-year-old

leg ulcer which was several inches long and is now gone. It took 1 month to clear up. 27 years of agony are

finally out the window. My sinuses are finally clear so I no longer cough until I vomit. My arthritis is MUCH

better. Fungus on my feet is gone. My gums no longer hurt. My vision is actually improving so that I am able

to drive again. This product is incredible. Even the neuropathy in my feet is less painful. I had been taking up to

22 pills 3 times a day for all my health issues. Now I just take supplements. GOD BLESS YOU JIM HUMBLE!!!!!

Joshua Jenkins

Throat Cancer [Posted : 11-18-2013]

Edema-Burn-Diabetes-Throat Cancer [Posted : 10-22-2013]

I brought my friend with Diabetes over and treated him every hour for 5 or 6 hours because his blood sugar was close to 500. Treating him brought his blood sugar down to 91 in those short hours. FACT!

I had a bad case of Edema on my legs and thought I had a blood clot. I treated myself with Protocol 1000 and within a few days - my legs were back to normal. No pitting, swelling, etc.

I treated another person with 3rd degree burns on his leg from a dirt bike burn on top of another burn. Within a few days, it was completely scabbed over and healed a month ahead of time.

Treating a guy with throat cancer. His blood count is back up, gained a little weight, and his doctor said whatever he is doing to keep doing it because it is working.

Thanks Jim Humble! You ROCK!!!

UPDATE: The guy with throat cancer contacted me today in the office and he has been completely cured of his throat cancer. I'm so excited for him and the fact that it just makes people better. It is unbelievable what this simple solution has done to so many people that has been treated. If I could give you the world Jim, I certainly would. It makes a person feel very good to do something amazing like this for someone else.

PS. Jim, I'm also emailing you an important topic you may be interested in hearing if you haven't heard it by now. Talk to you soon!

Christie Peterson


Tumor de esternón [Posted : 11-18-2013]

Hola soy Josep y estoy colaborando en el foro en español. Descubrí el MMS por casualidad hace un año, gracias a un video de Andreas Kalcker por internet. Mi madre tenía un cáncer de esternón no operable y después de 2 meses de quimioterapia y radio, el tumor no habia reducido. Empezó a tomar 5 ml de CDS (3000ppm) y subía 5 ml/dia hasta llegar hasta 100ml/dia en 10 dosis con algo de zumo. Nuestra sorpresa fué mayúscula pues todos esperábamos otro ciclo de quimioterapia y radio. El resultado fué que el tumor estaba seco y reducido a la mitad. Estábamos todos muy contentos. Mi madre habia tenido tres cánceres hacia 10 años. Sabiendo después, que la mayoria de nuestras enfermedades tiene un origen parasitario (la mayoria microscópicos) hizo una limpieza de parásitos con pamoato de pirantel (Trilombrín, Combatrin) y mebendazol (Lomper, Ovex, Vermox) siguiendo el protocolo de desparasitación ideado por Kalcker; quiero añadir que con este protocolo hay más de 100 niños recuperados de autismo.

Saludos cordales,



miracle [Posted : 11-17-2013]

started using MMS this year personally (health maintenance, etc)


Have cured 3 dogs (all terminal), first had lymphoma was hours away from death, 1 drop of MMS revived her ( a miracle), second dog had lung cancer, cured her.... third dog had liver failure.... cured her...

also recommended MMS to a friend with fibromyalgia, he was disabled, no longer... he is now better and healthy


Thank God for MMS







Good for arthritis [Posted : 11-16-2013]

I have been useing MMS for 2 1/2 years. Stopped arthritis pain in days. I have found I have to take doses very month to 6 weeks to control. Must assume that it is killing pathgens responsible for artritis.

Skin disorders includidng cancer. Days to about 3 weeks.

Ross Williams

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